Anonymous asked:

Hi I'm thinking about becoming vegan but I'm not exactly sure how to start? Do you have any advice about it?

dietfitnesshealth answered:

• research! This is my number one tip as it allows you insight to how the body works on a vegan diet, information on how much food you need for nutrients, minerals and vitamins so your body is ENERGISED, also how veganism benefits the earth and our bodies! I mean just look at how much water we save just by having a plant-based diet and eating things such as potatoes, corn, rice, bananas, apples, oranges!
• look into recipes for quick meals, meals for school/work and meals with high nutritional values!
• also look into stable foods such as bananas, vegan breads, potatoes and greens
• You could also research into vegan food servings with a vegan serving plate guide or vegan pyramid but of course do what works for you!
• Eat as much as you want of anything while you adjust. If you want a vegan cookie, have a vegan cookie. Let yourself off the hook this first month. Adjusting to a new diet and way of thinking is hard enough.
• do NOT restrict on a vegan diet, for a women eat a MINIMUM of 2000 calories a day for a man it is 2500, this is so you can eat all the right things and get all your daily requirements of nutrients! Do not eat less!
• stock up with your stables along with rice, pastas, canned legumes (chickpeas are my fav), also provide yourself with loads of veg and fruit!
• try new things each week to expand your horizons!
• stash vegan food everywhere, vegan chocolate or vegan chips 🙊 or fruit hehe
• drink lots of water when you start to flush out the built up toxins from animal products, you’ll feel much better
• find some educational vegan videos on youtube to watch or buy some educational vegan books!

I also have a few pages on what I usually get at the shops each week and a list of accidentally vegan food items with a list of my vegan meals and snacks ideas!

There is so much out there and I suggest also looking at my absolute inspiration @cleanbodyfreshstart (both her instagram name and tumblr name) she is just amazing!